Proposal For Legalizing Industrial Hemp

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A Proposal for Legalizing Industrial Hemp Cultivation

Earl Ray Tomblin,
35th and current Governor of West Virginia

Jonathon Flight, Co-owner of Winkin’Sun Hemp

April 14, 2015

Date: April 14, 2015
To: Earl Ray Tomblin
From: Jonathon Flight
Subject: Proposal for Legalizing Industrial hemp cultivation
The U.S. government, in all its wisdom, treats hemp and marijuana in the same manner. Despite one offering no psychoactive effects (hemp) and the other offering psychoactive effects (marijuana), both are against the law. Several states have passed laws to allow the growing of hemp; however the federal government has stood firm on the ban for decades, and continues to do so. The time has come for the feds to update obsolete polices and get a dose of reality; it’s time to legalize industrial hemp.
Did you know Industrial hemp has been grown on American soil since the beginning of this great nation? Did you also know that it’s only been illegal for over 70 years now? So why now is this amazing resourceful plant illegal? That’s one question that still needs to be answered. In this proposal I will introduce and explain why industrial hemp needs to be made legal to manufacture and cultivate in the United States of America.
This plant has huge potential and a growing market in the United States. What makes hemp so valuable? Its uses are virtually endless. But, here’s a start:
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