Proposal For Monitoring Employee Use

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MEMORANDUM To: Workplace IT Department From: Kyle Breimayer Date: September 23, 2015 RE: Proposal for Monitoring Employee use of Technology in the Workplace Introduction In today’s working world, there are almost no boundaries anymore between the technologies employees used for business and the ones used for pleasure. In fact, 64% of employees say they use the Internet for personal interest during working hours (Office Slacker Stats, 2015). Not to mention, advances in technology have helped employers utilize new forms of employee monitoring. Employee monitoring has emerged as a necessity to every workplace environment and yet it is still a very controversial issue due to the widespread use of technology. Lim (2002) mentions that, …show more content…

The amount of productivity that a company loses according to Yerby (2013), is approximately one million dollars annually with 500 employees surfing the Internet for just a half hour a day. This is to say that a company with 500 unmonitored employees spending two hours a day on the Internet, could potentially lose $4 million. Proposed Solution One possible solution to control the misuse of technology and social media in the workplace is to implement the use of employee monitoring by installing a monitoring software. Employee monitoring is seen as an indispensable means not only to enhance employee productivity but also to assure quality (Worsnop, 1993).It is also believed that employers should be able to monitor their employees for any wrongdoing since they are ultimately responsible for many actions of its workers. There are multiple software solutions that can be implemented to assist employers in monitoring what is happening on their employees’ computers. For example, “Spector Pro” has the only advanced warning system that will let you know immediately when your spouse, kids, or employees are behaving inappropriately online (EMS, 2002). Scope To implement the monitoring of employee technology usage, I plan to pursue six areas of inquiry: • What are the initial goals with

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