Proposal For Parenting Resource Center

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Proposal for Parenting Resource Center

It is often said that children are our future and there certainly seems to be few statements that would ring more true. After all, children literally are the legacy that will grow up to carry on society, and their ability to thrive as successful adults rests largely upon the impact that they receive during their childhood. Effective parenting is an incredibly important aspect of a successful society, but it is also a difficult objective to achieve. According to the American Humane Association (2007), 63 percent of children experienced at least one situation of neglect in 2005 while 17 percent experienced physical abuse and 7 percent emotional abuse. Based on these unexpectedly high numbers, there appears to be a significant need in communities around the country for greater efforts to influence positive parenting strategies and provide parents with opportunities for education, stress relief, and added resources. Additionally, Robert Putman (2000) described a trend of declining social participation in a wide area of American life including organizations that help enforce positive social norms for children. Due to this trend, the parent-child relationship within society is perhaps more important than ever before. Because of these realities, the project being proposed in this paper is a parenting resource program for a county. The overarching mission of the Parenting Resource Center is to support healthy families by providing parents…
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