Proposal For St John's Hospice

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Specific Objectives
The homeless men utilizing Saint John’s Hospice will recognize their systolic and diastolic blood pressure that is taken by the senior student nurse. The student nurse will then discuss the significance of the blood pressure reading to the client.
Saint John’s Hospice is a Catholic Social Services shelter for men located in Center City Philadelphia. It serves and assists the poor and homeless in the community. The hospice provides crucial, life-sustaining services with dignity, respect, and compassion to a homeless man in Philadelphia.
At the beginning of the clinical day, the volunteer made an observational session and explained what services are provided for the homeless man. For example, shower and clothing services are provided on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 in the morning for residents. For outside clients, this opportunity available once a week and they must sign list for services. Residents receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, people from the street receive only lunch. The facility provides free meal about 250-450 people per day. The food donated by local parishes and restaurants. Unfortunately, Saint John’s Hospice closed on weekends.
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The table was set up with blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, and brochures with the explanation of normal blood pressure ranges and high blood pressure ranges. Also, the information of the free clinic was provided if the readings of the clients were higher than average. The brief teaching session was delivered by nursing student explaining why blood pressure screenings are essential, what signs and symptoms may appear with high blood pressure and what complications may be with untreated blood pressure. As a complimentary for the participation homeless men obtained a toothbrush with
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