Proposal For The Research Of Children Living Poverty

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Proposal for the research of children living in poverty

Poverty is a very complicated subject in the world and there is plenty of people living in poverty right here in the United States. Many people are affected in different methods but my focus is going to be on the effects of children living in poverty as well as the different types of abuse, neglect, and maltreatment many of the children have to go through. There will perhaps never be an overall fix to poverty even though there has been various attempts to help the situation such as food stamps, well fare, and home assistance. Though all of those forms of support do help it is proven that it is very difficult for someone to work their way out of poverty and children are the ones left in the grey area. Numerous different examples interested me with this topic. I have a very emotional heart when it comes to children especially children being mistreated and having almost no opportunity to a chance at life. I decided that having to go in such depth for this paper that it is a good excuse to further research the topic and learn more about what children living in low class neighborhoods and dysfunctional families have been through. The numbers that I am finding in my research has absolutely blown my mind. It is beyond heartbreaking what these innocent children that were brought into this world have to go through and have no power to change. Children need a voice they need someone to stand up for them and to give them a…

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