Essay about Proposal: Network Security

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The organization had just secured a government contract worth millions of dollars. The sensitive nature of the information requires the company evaluate and address security measures. With any network, there are many threats, both internal and external, that can result in loss of productivity, loss of data and even theft of information. I will address several of these threats and propose measures to ensure a protected environment and to mitigate these risks. Vulnerability Assessment Entry to the office area is controlled by physically keyed doors. Employees work in an open cubical environment and have the ability to physically secure paperwork and personal items but not computer equipment. All computer systems run a current…show more content…
A number of building security solutions are on the market that make use of magnetic key cards and card readers that are controlled by a central management and logging system. This allows the organization to easily control access to the whole or parts of the facility while logging access attempts for security audits. Any visitors to the facility should be required to check in at reception, be escorted, by an employee, while on the premises and not be left unattended at any time. Another good practice is too physically secure all computers. Desktop computers usually come with locking mechanisms to insure unauthorized personnel do not steal hard drives or other key parts. Laptop computers should be fastened to desks with cable locks to insure they are not picked up and taken while left unattended. Another external security risk is via the Internet into the network. For this, we can place a firewall into service to protect against hackers, denial of service attacks, and other external threats. This will also protect data from being stolen virtually and can also aid in ensuring effective service. Sometimes hackers will get into an email system and use it as a proxy for spam email, this will result in getting added to a blacklist and having emails not get through to a lot of intended recipients.
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