Proposal On Differentiated Instruction

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Author/Title (in APA format): Suprayogi, M. N., Valcke, M., & Godwin, R. (2017). Teachers and their implementation of differentiated instruction in the classroom. Teaching and Teacher Education, 67291-301. doi:10.1016/j.tate.2017.06.020 Link: Research Problem/Issue: The implementation of differentiated instruction in the classroom with fidelity. There is a clear disconnect between the teacher’s understanding of differentiated instruction and their implantation in the classroom. Purpose of the Research: To identify the barriers that prevents teachers from implementing differentiated instructional activities into the classroom. In addition, through analysis the identification of strategies to eliminate the barriers hindering their application. Research Question(s): Is there a connection between the teaching experience, certification, and classroom characteristics to implement differentiate activities in the classroom? Is there a connection between self-efficacy and the ability to implement differentiated instruction in a teaching activity? Sample: Teachers working in public and private schools in the region. The study sample consisted of 604 teachers. Methodology and Design: Quantitative Research Variables: The teaching experience, self-efficacy, class sizes Instruments: teacher background questionnaire, a Differentiated Instruction
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