Proposal Package for Riordan Manufacturing Essay

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Proposal Package for Riordan Manufacturing

The Riordan manufacturing plant at Hangzhou China specializes in creation of fans for Riordan’s many customers. Based on previous years’ sales and the potential for improvement to meet customers’ demand, Riordan anticipates higher sales in the next one to two years. Team A has developed a proposal to improve sales forecasting at the Hangzhou plant to meet this demand. The proposal includes methods to improve inventory management, employee training and the manufacturing process through implementation of inventory tracking software, aggregate operations planning, and total quality management principles. The proposal focuses on material requirements planning, supply chain optimization,
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This type of system does not allow for a real-time look at inventory levels or products awaiting shipment. Consequently for example, there are currently problems with customers receiving delivery on both the Northeastern and Northern parts of the United States during the winter months. A real time tracking system would help Riordan to quickly troubleshoot problems in its production and delivery processes to eliminate these problems. The tracking system would also help Riordan to evaluate its own process for electric fan forecasting (University of Phoenix, 2008).

By implementing a new ERP system such as Lawson, Riordan will be able to improve deliveries for both receiving raw materials and delivering finished product to their customers. Lawson offers such improvements such as:

• “Advanced order promising at point of sale, lead times, capacity constraints, etc. • Powerful planning tools – forecasting, supply chain planning, material and capacity, and planning and scheduling • Procurement (Purchase Delivery Schedules and Purchase Order Processing) • Advanced warehouse and logistics solutions, including package management and support for both automated and complex delivery” (Lawson, 2012)
New Process for the production of
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