Proposal To Reduce Crime In Murfreesboro

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Crime in Murfreesboro
In Murfreesboro there’s a lot of crime, especially close by campus. Everyday crime is happening either on campus, outside of campus, or somewhere close by MTSU. How can anyone going to Murfreesboro or college feel safe? Crime has been a huge problem for awhile, and so I’ve decided to propose a solution for people on how we the people can unite and create a safer community and neighborhood.
I recommend that we increase our security and patrols in Murfreesboro throughout the day and night because having more patrols can decrease crime in the Murfreesboro. One article that I found proves how having more patrols can decrease crime and how they do it.
“Most urban police departments use computers to map crime hot spots in real time and then “put cops on the dots.” Scientifically designed experiments in the field show that this approach really does reduce crime overall—it doesn’t just push the criminals from one place into another, as some feared might happen” (Rosenfeld).
I’m confident that if we have more police officers patrolling the city crime will go down. I know that people are going to say, “Where is the money to come from?”. I understand that it’s going to take a lot money and manpower to keep our cities safe but I rather have some police officers patrolling than none. A solution for that is the local government …show more content…

This has prompted public officials like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to speak of the “important function” such cameras play in offering safety on a daily basis and during events both big and small. The successful use of this technology in such a high-profile investigation is likely to prompt other major cities to reaffirm – and even expand – their investment in and use of surveillance cameras”

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