Proposal and Analysis of the Global Infrastructure Group Essay

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Proposal and Analysis of the Global Infrastructure Group
Carl Grieser
PJM 500 – Project Management
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Dr. Chiji Ohayia
February 28th, 2016

Proposal and Analysis of the Global Infrastructure Group
The Global Infrastructure Group, a subsidiary of the Global Financial Corporation, is an international conglomerate specializing in developing technologies and solutions for the Global Financial Corporation. This proposal for the Global Infrastructure Group will advise on what requirements the organization can best implement for a comprehensive project management system that can be used in a global organization that has small-, medium-, and large-scale projects. This proposal will
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A company the size of the Global Infrastructure Group has many options when considering a project selection process. Any project taken on by the company must align with its goal and corporate strategy. Morris and Jamieson (2004) and Dey (2006) argue that project portfolio management is a “bridge between strategy and operation” and enables organizations to transform the organization's vision into realities or successfully implement their corporate strategies (Khalili-Damghani & Tavana, 2014). In project selection, the company’s senior managers must establish strategic intent. Strategic intent will contain the company’s objectives and should result in a strategy map. Goals should be clear, realistic and measurable. Goals should also have an end state e.g. President Kennedy established a goal of landing a man on the moon within a decade. The Global Infrastructure Group’s senior managers should be leading by establishing a clear strategy and obtainable goals to get all projects focused on meeting these goals by aligning to the organization’s strategy. Once strategy and goals are defined, those involved in the project selection process should consider how the proposed project will align with the goals and strategy. Factors they should consider

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