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This is my answer to the Week 5 which is the starting week for the Module Three Final Project. I will be using diverse sources of knowledge and information including real life experience, text books, class discussions, journals and publications both hard copy; and where available and on the internet. I will be doing an original review and analysis in the final project.
This week however, I will be submitting a proposal for the final project. This proposal will include a given topic, the type or nature of the problem, the source of the information to be used for the analyses and the ‘concepts and techniques to be applied”. This assignment is partially restricted since a case study has
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2. The second option or source is researching through the Internet either through provoking the search engines or using the recommendations of the Instructor through the weekly lecture notes.
3. Finally and very hopefully, I will be able to have access to some journals and periodicals through the Online Library of the University of Liverpool.
After the studies and analyses of my research work; after the compilation and collation; the final outcome of my work will be presented in a report that is typed in double-spaced pages, probably containing about 2,000 words or there about. I will be using a simple a simple unzipped Microsoft word process file.
Projected Schedule
My proposed schedule for this final project is as follows:
Week 5 is for submission of this proposal to the Instructor.
Week 6 is getting a feedback from the Instructor and submission of Annotated Outline for the Final Project to the Instructor.
Week 7 is when I hope to write the Final Project, all depending on the guidance of the Instructor.
Example of Bibliography
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4. Albright, B. "Recession Impacts

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