Proposal for International Foods at the University Dining Services

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Proposal for International Foods at the University Dining Services Pedro Cabrera came to State University from Puerto Rico. He decided to be an exchange student at State because he was interested in experiencing life in the United States, and because he was excited about the excellent veterinarian program offered at State. While he loves attending college and living in the United States, there are some things that he would like to change, or rather introduce to State University. Pedro admitted that he feels homesick at times, a feeling not uncommon to new freshmen. He confessed that one of the most important things that he misses about his home is his mother's home cooking. Pedro confessed that the food that the State University…show more content…
He realizes he cannot get the food he likes on a daily basis, yet he still would like to be able to eat some meals he enjoys every once in a while. Although students who are from the United States enjoy eating the foods they are accustomed to, there are also times when student feel like trying something a little different. Often times the same old pasta or chicken dinners can get boring. That is why international food served in the dinning services would be a pleasant change for all students at Iowa State University. Not many students know what foods taste like from places such as India, Russia, Germany, Sweden, or Japan. Student would be able to sample foods from these and other places of which they have never been exposed to before. In addition, since this is an educational environment, introducing students to a variety of new foods from around the world would be both a cultural and educational experience. The serving of international foods at the residence hall dining services would be most beneficial to student for the main reason that the meals would be easily accessible. College students learn very quickly that time is precious and free time periods are few and far between. Few students have the time to get away from class, studying, or work to get to restaurants that serve different international foods.
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