Proposal for Overfishing in the Pacific Ocean

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Proposal for Overfishing in the Pacific Ocean: For human populations, particularly people in the poorest countries across the globe, fish is an important source of nourishment and food. As a result, fisheries catches represent a huge export of energy and mass that can no longer be utilized by trophic levels that are higher than those fished. For a long period of time, several human populations across the globe have continued to depend on fish as a significant source of food and nourishment, which has contributed to widespread overfishing. The widespread overfishing has in turn resulted in the decrease in the global catch of fish. Nonetheless, the links between overfishing and food security have remained largely unclear and uncertain. According to the findings of research, approximately 50 percent of commercial marine species have been overfished in the past five decades (Srinivasan, Cheung, Watson & Sumaila, p.1). The increase in fisheries catches across the globe has also been fueled by the significant increase in the demand for food because of the constant increase of human population. While the practice has remained a major threat to every fish species in the ocean, it has largely contributed to the large migrations by marine mammals as they seek to get the left over fish. Since the 1950s, there has been an increasing trend in the number of unsustainable fisheries, which is an indication of the global geographic expansion of overfishing (Coll et. al., p.1).
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