Proposal for Solar Panel Installation Field

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Solar Panel Government Proposal As a known innovator and otherwise highly successful company in the solar panel installation field, this organization would definitely like to benefit from securing the contract to install solar panels on the specified federal government building with a budget of $500,000. Given that the details of the contract opportunity and procurement process for this particular project have not been made known, an examination of several of the available procurement methods the government has established is certainly in order. The simplified acquisition methods that might be available for this contract and the more standard and lengthy bidding processes that could come into lay must both be examined in order to prepare for all potentials and form the greatest chance for winning this contract for the company. After examining the relevant legislation that defines and describes the various simplified acquisition methods the government can utilize to procure certain goods and services, the one that would appear to be most advantageous in this scenario would be the blanket purchase agreement (, 2012). As a large portion of this contract is for equipment that will need to be purchased and utilized in bulk, it would be ideal to secure at least the portion of the contract that deals with these physical goods through this simplified acquisition method as it is uncomplicated and very secure in its terms (, 2012). Such a purchase
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