Proposal for a New Career Exploration Program for Service Canada

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Proposal for a New Career Exploration Program for Service Canada This proposal is for a new career exploration program for Service Canada office of Cornwall, Ontario. It will examine the use of four standardized assessments in career counseling, then select and budget relevant assessments and resource material. The anticipated client group includes: unemployment recipients (70% recently unemployed due to downsizing), average age is 30-40, 60% female, 20% First Nations, 20% professional immigrants, and an English and French population. To get a fuller understanding of an individual undergoing career counselling, there are four main groups of the psychometric assessments to consider performing, that would be helpful to assisting the…show more content…
For the value scales category, the Career Value Scales was selected because of its Canadian culture context (Career ID). For the interest inventory, the Jackson Vocational Interest Inventory was chosen as it is currently being used by career counsellors and was developed by a Canadian psychologist, Doug Jackson (Career Life Skills). The personality inventory category, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was chosen because of its huge popularity in the career-counselling field (Career ID). Finally, the aptitude inventory chosen was the Multidimensional Aptitude Batter-II because it represents a Canadian based, professionally developed aptitude measure (Career Life Skills). The Career Values Scale (CVS) is a current measure of work values, preferences and needs. These values constitute an individuals core belief system and gives meaning to the individual’s career and life. Values are an effective indicator of work satisfaction and personal ambition. The CVS assist clients in elucidating their values in order to aid in the comprehension of their career path. It highlights certain aspects such as, working with other people, how one expresses themselves and their external reward system. It also, consists of a values elucidation exercise and a comprehensive appraisal of the

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