Proposal for a New System

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NEW SYSTEM My Proposal for a New System Laura L. Koskimaki Luvenia (Lisa) Gordon University of Phoenix Whenever some one thinks of health care, they think of illness, bills, and insurance. Most people do not like going to a doctors’ office or to a hospital because of these three things. An illness can be a scary thought to one who may be carrying the illness. No one wants to find out an illness that may have been found especially if it includes surgery or even death because their life could be ruined in the matter of seconds whether it is a lifetime of surgeries or no life at all. Even bills and insurance sounds scary considering that out economy is in a recession. Not many people have health insurance because they cannot…show more content…
Those patients who have minor illnesses such as the flu or a bladder infection should be seen at clinics with physicians who are certified to those treatments. Doing so could cut down the hospitals and clinics population. Another part of this proposal includes healthcare classes that are mandatory after seeing a physician. For each patient that sees a physician will be appointed some classes that are nearest to them, so the patient can learn the importance of their health. This will include demonstration of what could happen to patients that do not exercise, eat healthy, or to patients that smoke or abuse alcohol and drugs. These demonstrations will be shown as videos of surgery and as well, as hands on demonstrations. Demonstrating hands on will allow the patient to be connected to the activity in a more meaningful matter. Hands on demonstrations could help the patient to change the way they take care of their health and want to be a healthier person. As I said from the beginning, the patients want to feel as though they are important to our system and that they will be taken care of in the matter that they should be taken care of. Greeting the patient and even joking could help loosen the tension that the patient has from being at a hospital or a clinic. This proposal will do well in many different ways. The proposal will help to expand and control the population that it may accrue, as well as help patients realize how important their
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