Proposal for the Development of Leadership

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Proposal for the Development of Leadership There is no greater asset to a company than building up leaders from within. In fact, It has been proven that the best, most loyal, and most qualified leaders within a company are those internally trained and promoted (Clarke 2012). It seems that some businesses have a strong grip on the best means of developing leaders within their company, while others are somewhat lacking. For this paper, my personal experience as an entry level employee who utilized the leadership program is used along with ideas from other leadership programs. This program is specifically geared for leadership development within a call-center setting. Program Qualifications Metrics The first important requirements for this leadership program is the metrics requirement. In order for a candidate to even be considered for a leadership position, they must be within their business metrics. For my company, this involves obtaining recognition in a program with multiple metric levels and only being permitted access to the leadership program once all levels of achievement are reached. Additionally, leadership candidates must be in good standing with the company and have zero disciplinary actions on file for the past year. For instance, over the past six months, the company requires that customer surveys be at 75 percent satisfaction, call time be at 5 minutes, and transfer rate be no higher than 20 percent. If any of these statistics fall outside of metric,
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