Proposal on Means of Improving Studying Conditions for Students: I Propose the Study Table

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Studying has been extraordinary for me for many years now. I define studying by sitting on the bed (Indian sit) and slouching my back against the wall with the notes positioned near my crossed legs. After a few minutes, I began to lie down which eventually forces me to stop studying and just rest. I would wake up after two hours of rest since I’m unconscious of the time; only to think that I wasted a lot of time. Therefore, I wasn’t able to finish studying and get things done. What I did was an improper way of studying – Studying on the bed. Our level of concentration depends on our studying position. We are unable to focus if we are in an awkward position like lying supine on the bed which makes me feel sleepy and lazy. This has been my…show more content…
This will guarantee that I won’t be able to lie down anymore as I’m sitting erect. Although, the table needs to be high enough for me so I don’t have to lean because when I do so, my upper body will be prompted to rest on the table which leads to another sleeping position instead of a studying position. Sad to say, I could stay motivated studying in bed since it only attracts me to sleep and not to study. If not prevented, this problem would definitely hinder me to excel in class. I would be glad if you would buy me a study table but that would be expensive. As an alternative, I am seeking help from you to hire a skilled carpenter to build a simple study table instead of buying a costly fully furnished study table from a furniture store. Then, we’ll be the one to paint it after since we could do it without the help of a painter. The study table would help me a lot. It allows me to focus more on my studies because I would be able to sit straight. This will also help me accomplish my tasks on time since it provides an environment that motivates me to stay up and do everything that I need. I would also avoid unnecessary breaks or rests from studying because I’m comfortable with the way I’m studying so I won’t get sleepy. My grades on assignments, projects, and quizzes will have an improvement for I no longer sleep on my tasks without completing or finishing everything. I will also be able to observe properly my
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