Proposal to Develop a Cyclone Management Disaster Plan

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A tropical cyclone is a force of Mother Nature that in most cases can leave towns and cities extremely devastated from the destruction. Tropical Cyclones are storms that spin in a clockwise direction and have low-pressure midpoints. In order for a Tropical Cyclone to form there are two main variables, the earth’s revolution and heat. As the ocean reaches at least 27°C, the water then begins to evaporate creating a storm cloud. The greatest factor being the rotation of the earth, forces the storm to begin spinning and to move in a forward direction. The centre of the storm is called “The Eye”; this is where it is completely still. There is system in place to categorized using the Australian tropical cyclone intensity scale.


Tropical Cyclones have many secondary effects other than just winds. A major secondary effect that impacts towns and cities is Storm Surge. A Storm Surge is defined as “a rising of the sea, which is a result of wind and atmospheric pressure changes associated with a storm”. This becomes dangerous when certain factors come into play, such as; king tides and when such events approach coastal and unprotected areas.

In this modern era, there are lots of products and technology that’s is used to identify and predict Tropical Cyclone’s. In order to give

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