Propose a New Positioning Strategy for Acl Product

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New market positioning for a new product
ACL Clean has been a successful product in the Hampshire and the company expanded into the Essex region Market. However sales were low and public awareness was lacking. The company was using the majority of its funds on the products line extension and little on advertisement and product placement. This is the key factor in the poor sales in Essex because the public isn’t aware of ACL Clean and its benefits. In order to make ACL Clean a more successful and well known product, funds used for the product line extension need to be diverted to advertising in order implement a new positioning strategy in the Essex market. The best way to implement a new positioning strategy would be
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Mainly people out of school, beginning a career or becoming more established, and are able to make a major purchase like a cleaning equipment and want one that will last them for as long as possible. Promoting ACL clean as the product that will achieve this will increase product awareness, create brand loyalty, and ultimately increase sales. However, as many first-time buyers have been using other cleaning equipment or have used other products related to car care, introducing ACL clean as a premium product will be a daunting task because there is already an established brand loyalty to other products, even though they are not as good as ACL clean. With establishment of the original ACL clean product in the market the opportunities of the line extensions are limitless.
A great way to promote ACL clean in the Essex market would be through public relations. A great strategy would be to sponsor an event such as a cleaning equipment show in Essex region.
Alternative 2
Another effective means of marketing ACL clean to the Essex Region as a great product with quality safety benefits would be through alliance with healthcare companies and local authorities.
Alternative 3
Advertising is the most obvious and effective choice to place ACL clean in the consumers mind, just as it has in the Hampshire. Through TV commercials, magazine ads, and banners on web pages, the name and product information relation to ACL clean would be widely visible. Since

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