Proposed Changes Of Medicaid Expansion On Florida And Other States

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Proposed Changes There have been a few proposed changes to Medicaid Expansion in Florida and other states. These proposed changes have included 1915 and 1115 waivers, including long-term care programs. Florida has an uninsured rate of 20 percent (Rose, 2015). This represents a great need for insurance coverage expansion and cost savings in Florida. Previous proposed changes have been successful in some aspects, but do not answer all of these elements. Many forms of 1915 and 1115 waivers have been proposed and implemented in Florida and other states in the past. According to Holahan, Coughlin, Lipson, & Rajan (1995), the section 1115 research and demonstration waivers are designed to allow states to develop new solutions to health and welfare problems. The federal government may waive some standard Medicaid rules if the change is deemed to be budgetary, no higher than it would have been expected without the waiver (Holahan et al., 1995). States using these waivers have proposed to save money by using managed care plans for current Medicaid patients, and limiting the cost of new Medicaid enrollees (Holahan et al., 1995). These proposals often focus on using hospital DSH payments to expand coverage rather than using these sums to make payments to hospitals, using savings from reductions in other programs, or proposing new revenues (Holahan et al., 1995). The goal is to expand coverage at small new costs to the government (Holahan et al., 1995). The key features of

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