Proposed Coffee Shop: Strategic Plan

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STRATEGIC PLAN 3 Coffee shop: Strategic plan The primary demographic targets of the proposed coffee shop include families, college students, and tourists. A variety of marketing techniques are required to attract these diverse audiences, given that all have specific segmented needs. For example, to attract families, the high-traffic hours for these groups must be determined (such as after school and weekend brunches). Then, during these specific time windows, The Coffee Shoppe can offer free drinks for kids or half-priced children's meals and beverages with every adult beverage purchased. Other factors which can attract families include having a special kid's menu, complete with small toys or color-in menus to amuse the children while their parents dine, and an area of the restaurant with space well-suited to having strollers and high chairs. College students tend to dine at very different hours compared with the rest of the population. Having late night specials and ultra-caffeinated beverages for students who are studying is likely to attract the student population. College students are also on strict budgets, so offering a 10 percent discount with a student ID and a punch card (in which the student gets a free beverage for every 10 beverages purchased) will attract repeat business. Finally, the restaurant can engage in university outreach efforts, such as giving out free coupons for drinks in the student orientation package, offering coupons to students via email

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