Proposed Defunding Of Agricultural Classes On The Nation 's Children

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As of March of 2016, Gov. Bruce Rauner of Illinois has proposed defunding of agricultural classes in his state. Think about this, the governor of a state where one in four jobs in Illinois are directly related to agriculture wants to give a grand total of zero dollars to the Future Farmers of America along with ag classes in general. This is the reason that schools not only should offer agriculture related classes, but in order to graduate from high school every student should at least take one class of ag. At the end of the day all people must know where the nation’s food comes from and how it gets from the pasture to the store. There are only two percent of the nation 's population that are farmers. Two percent of the people in America raise the crops and the meat for the whole country. This number needs to change in order to ensure that children and the nation’s children will be able to survive. Today’s kids do not know where their food is from which means they take farmers for granted. One personal story that can be recalled happened just recently. A student pointed to a turkey and asked “What is that? A giant rooster?” The response was “No, that is a turkey, and they come from turkey houses.” This is what brought up the thought of just how important ag education is. The ones in the field work very hard to improve the ways of life for the animals and plants they grow so that the people of America can eat. A recent study showed that U.S. cattle ranchers raise just

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