Proposed Development Of Policy For Qualified Cyber Security Professionals Essay

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To Strengthen the Quality and Amount of Qualified Cyber Security Professionals in the United States

As presented by
Dean Julien

Homeland Security Studies Program
HLS555-HS04-FA16 Cybersecurity For Homeland Security Professional

College of Professional Studies
Endicott College
Beverly, Massachusetts

02 November 2016
Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
I. Background 3
II. Statement of Problems 4
III. Policy Recommendations 5
IV. Conclusion 7
V. Bibliography 7

Executive Summary
The need for qualified and competent Homeland Security Practitioners that have a strong working knowledge of Cyber security is paramount. The growth, to which the tech industry is developing, is being measured on a gargantuan scale. This industry is outgrowing the staff of qualified practitioners that is tasked with its security. Private companies, as well as governments should be working toward beefing up the both the quality and quantity of the practitioners in the field. Redefinition and standardization minimum entry-level Cybersecurity credentials, employing a diversification in the Cybersecurity field, Identification of technology that can provide intelligent security automation as well as more and better external training opportunities, and development of a more efficient and complete way to collect attack data and develop better metrics for the quick identification of threats are
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