Proposed Network Solution

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Proposed Network Solution
The networking of the system is recommended after a system study and the fact that there has been a 100% expansion of the demand for the system- from 5 to 50 have been noted. It is also shown that as of now there are machines that are stand alone with windows 7 operating system. The task is to provide a network connectivity that would provide direct connections between the employees, and be centralized in the operation. This essentially requires the creation of a network. This means that all the computers must be installed with a network card and this would be the case with windows 7. The question then comes is if there must be windows networking or use other protocols. We can also partly use the most modern practical solutions.
The Analysis
The major goal is to integrate Information Systems/Information Technology with the corporate strategy to use information for better governance and management. This has improved with the connectivity and networking and also the shrinking cost- performance ratios in technology. IT governance thus is a result of the complete merger of computer and communications technologies, like data processing and high advancement in networks, and integrated systems. (Bloomfield; et al, 2000) To this extent the software of the stand alone systems have to be converted to a single functional system for all requirements and the system involves the creation of a network with the following functionality:
There is
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