Proposed Network Solution for Worldwide Advertising, Inc. Essay

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At the core of any successful business is a functioning, well-organized network. The design of that network can be a daunting task for even the most skilled of Information Technology and Networking Professionals. To make that task more manageable it’s easier to divide it up into the key components needed to implement a successful network design. In this proposal we will go through those key areas and understand the needs of Worldwide Advertising Inc. and some of the suggested solutions specific to the organization. Deployment and Server Editions Server Editions WAI is a relatively small sized company in regards to IT needs and specifically when it comes to determining the Windows Server 2012 edition that is appropriate.…show more content…
Beyond that server roles include things like managing the company email and website, print services, backups and Active Directory. Each of our locations will have a physical presence so determining the best roles to deploy at each location will take some careful consideration. Server roles are the things a particular server does like Files Services, Email Services, or Active Directory. Most of the critical roles will need to be installed on the equipment at the main office in Los Angeles but since we have a functioning office in New York some server roles might need to be replicated at that location to provide functionality for the network. Server Locations Although the company could operate normally with all of the physical server equipment being located in one of the two locations based on the budget we would recommend having some equipment at both locations. The Los Angeles is clearly the primary location as most of the staff including IT will be located there but by having some redundancy at the New York location we could provide a much higher level of availability. This means that an outage or breach of security at the Los Angeles location could be minimized since we could transition to the New York equipment as the primary. These redundancies are extremely critical in our line of work. We can’t afford to lose creative data that could take weeks

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