Proposed Parenting License Should Be The Parental Permission Certificate

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Requirements The name of my proposed parenting license would be the Parental Permission Certificate. The requirements to obtain this license include: 1. Being an appropriate age to even consider having a child. All applicants must be above the age of twenty five, thus ensuring applicants have had time to experience life themselves, and gauge whether they are ready for parenthood or not. A sixteen year old will have no life experience themselves, and even a twenty one year old will be too unstable and immature to handle responsibility beyond maintaining good grades in college. Adults around the age of twenty five will begin to follow their career path, thus income will not be a major hindrance in raising a child. 2. Living in a stable environment. Applicants must be secure in their own living conditions, whether it is a home or apartment. Applicants cannot reside with their parents, as this shows they are not willing to be financially responsible if a child if they cannot even finance their own home. Living with a roommate is acceptable only if the roommate has been checked themselves for any legal issues. Marriage or even not having a partner is acceptable, as long as both the applicant and whomever they are cohabitating with both apply for a license, and the applicant can financially support themselves and a child on their own. 3. Background checks are mandatory for applicants. Depending on the circumstances, applicants may not be granted a license if they have been found

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