Proposed Performance Management System for Google

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Performance management system Introduction Performance management is important in all organizations in helping to develop priorities and to identify the resources required to progress and maintain organizational accountability for the delivery of its primary objectives. Employee and employer expectations in both private and public sector organizations are changing as people become more aware of the importance of quality service. In the 1950s as reported by ADDIN EN.CITE Marrewijk20031249Marrewijk and Timmers (2003)1249124917Marrewijk, Marcel vanTimmers, JoannaHuman Capital Management: New Possibilities in People ManagementJournal of Business EthicsJournal of Business Ethics171-184442/32003Springer01674544 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_5" o "Marrewijk, 2003 #1249" Marrewijk and Timmers (2003), people were more tolerant of poor services and could stand in queues for longer periods. They also endured the inefficiencies that came from lack of accountability in organizations. However, people have grown more and more concerned about the quality of public services they receive as well as their expectations of quality. This has led organizations to require increased assertiveness in demanding their employees to develop better quality services as well as greater accountability. The pattern of rising expectations of quality service delivery is a universal and a wave of reforms has swept the world with increasing number of organizations
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