Proposed Plan And Scheduled Implementations Of Housing Development Board ( Hdb )

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Definition of Project:
The proposed plan and scheduled implementations of Housing Development Board (HDB), Singapore’s is the response to, “extreme pressure to change, driven by increasing customer expectations and public scrutiny. The government agency will become much more customer-focused, more efficient, and innovative in meeting the ever changing needs of the population it serves,” (Jick & Peiperl, 2011). HDB, Singapore understands “change is inevitable” (Calland & Keith, 2015). This acknowledgment has spearheaded strategies towards positive transformation.
Chew Ling Tan’s proposes a strategic plan to stimulate and implement organizational restructure, cultural change and transformation: thereby meeting the current needs of Housing Development Board (HDB), Singapore while projecting and planning for sustainability of mission both presently and in the future.
Chew Ling Tan’s proposal is the result of a vision that is focused on growth and prioritizes customer demand. The proposal is receptive to feedback from all areas: customers, internal and external personnel. Chew Ling Tan’s is respectful of those, who have experience and seniority but welcomes the views of a younger generation and the input they can provide. It is the acceptance and knowledge of enthusiastic staff that will keep the company presently focused and future-oriented.
Optimally change is achieved through trust and confidence and by creating an environment of employee acknowledgment and customer

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