Proposed Plan for Resolving the Housing Crisis in America Essay

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The United States’ foreclosure and housing market problems have been well-documented in recent years. This issue has only been heightened by the 2009 economic downturn. Can the sky-rocketing foreclosure market truly be blamed on the recession, however? Can the issue be pinned down on the masses of people who have lost their occupations? Surely many of the cases can be traced back to these harsh conditions, but many more, most likely, can be attributed to something else. Foreclosures are not a new phenomenon and have been a part of American society for years. So, in order to determine a plan for how best to reduce the number of American families losing their homes, it seems best to look backwards rather than simply at the present. The…show more content…
Though it may not immediately impact the economy for the better, the far reaching consequences will be much greater than simply writing a new homeowner a check for $8,000 that they may or may not have earned. This financial education will focus on a far-ranging plethora of topics, but in regards to buying a house specifically, there will be three main pillars: the importance of a savings account for emergencies, the importance of living by a budget, and a more expansive area of loan and interest education. The education of the masses must start early on for many reasons. One is that by the time most citizens are old enough or financially established enough to buy a house, their spending habits and mindset have been locked, and it would take a great deal of change to undo them. It will be much easier to produce a more financially savvy buyer if the principles have been instilled since youth. It is suggested that a person is unable to become a native speaker of a language once a certain age has been reached. In much the same way, it can be assumed that it will be much more difficult for an adult to become a "native speaker" of strong financial conscious than for a child who has repeatedly practiced the tenants of smart decision making. The three pillars of sound home buying will be taught beginning in fifth or sixth grade, when youth are

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