Proposed Recruitment Strategy For This Exercise

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PERSON SPECIFICATION A Person Specification will be developed – based on a discussion about the answers to the questions raised above. PROPOSED RECRUITMENT STRATEGY A recruitment strategy for this exercise is also dependent upon the answers to the questions. In our view the alternatives are: If the status quo option is confirmed, then the strategy should be based around advertising – promoting the 2-year contract concept as a positive – possibly with a performance bonus at the end? If the decisions taken to acquire long term skills – then the approach should be a mixture of some advertising and importantly SEARCH through sales people in relevant industries selling analogous product through distribution. (The channel selling skills…show more content…
 Candidate Summary Report Long list and Short list.  Individual Candidate Reports Submitted for all Short listed Candidates.  Individual Candidate Reference Reports Documenting reference conversations on final Candidates as required. ABOUT MANAM GROUP Our Expertise Manam Group has specialised in recruiting for manufacturing industry and industrial services, in Australia and New Zealand, for twenty-seven years. We employ trained Researchers, operating to a specific brief and with the highest standards of client confidentiality. We identify the best-fit candidates and then present job opportunities to them, in terms of the logic of their own career development; we take a “solutions” approach to candidate contact. Infrastructure & Personnel Offices: Manam maintains Office facilities in all Australian States, as well as Auckland NZ. We employ technology (such as in house video conferencing) to time and cost effectively source and “personally meet” candidates throughout the Region and the world. Personnel: Our Search Assignments are supported by full-time and expert personnel. Typically, the Company’s Managing Director, leads a senior assignment, and is supported by researchers and administration/process support personnel. Martin Ambrens - Managing Director: Martin has an Economics Degree from Monash University, and post Graduate qualifications in Industrial Relations from Melbourne University. He joined the Ford Motor Company in
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