Proposed Revisions to the Army Tattoo Policy

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Although tattoos represent a variety of things in a person’s life, they don’t necessarily dictate how well a person is able to perform their job. For the last few months, there has been an ongoing debate about troops in the Army that have tattoos, and as a result their careers have been placed on the line. With this upcoming change, it has been specifically said that troops cannot have tattoos that extend below their knees and above their elbows and ones that reach above their neckline. Sgt. Maj. Raymond Chandler argues that tattoos cannot be racist, extremist, or sexist. If the tattoo violates that then they will have to get it removed (Freedberg). While it is assumed that this is limited to new recruits, it will also be applied to the…show more content…
So the troops will probably be forced to get their tattoos removed. A troop that I feel suffered was Sgt. Brinson; he had a fresh tattoo with his newborn daughters name on his forearm (Quillin). Even though the little girl’s name had no meaning, it was in one of the areas that Sgt.Maj. Chandler said that a tattoo cannot be visible. My view, however, contrary to what Chandler has decided is that I feel that the troops should be able to keep their tattoos. I feel this way because, a tattoo doesn’t have the power to hurt anyone and neither will it aid in our country’s defense. Although the army has a strict policy about tattoos, it shows that they are instilling discipline in their troops. As a result, the troops don’t want to go along with the revisions. This at the same time is understandable since they were able to live so freely without having to deal with the revision. What Chandler should consider is how society has evolved over the years and pretty much everyone has a tattoo now. How the issue will be resolved When it comes to dealing with those who can’t comply with the rules the Army will ask for them to leave. How they will do this is by going through an elimination process, which will let those who fail to remove their tattoos go. As stated once before, the army is striving for uniformity and discipline. While they are aiming for that vision, Chandler

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