Proposed Solution Of The Current Intake Process

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A4. Proposed Solution Implement a One Call Transfer line that is answered directly by the A&T nurse who then initiates a conference call between the referring physician and an ER physician.
A4a. Justification of Proposed Solution 5000 calls a month come into the A&T department with a rate of 4-6% for missed calls.
The current process leaves a large gap in service by delaying the transfer of the patient due to the above contributing factors. Patient safety is a number one priority of our facility, each missed opportunity for a referral from a regional facility affects patient safety by delaying the necessary treatment. Alleviating the contributing factors increases the likelihood of further referrals. Each patient that enters our door generates an estimated revenue of 5000- 25,000 dollars, so each missed opportunity for transfer affects the bottom line which in turn affects each department and the level of care we can provide to patients.
A5. Implementation Resources Restructuring of the current intake process will require utilization of multilayered resources, which will include time, materials, personnel and money
• Addition of a telephone line with a designated number for the One Call Transfer line
• Development of a new referral intake form
• Development of change in policy to reflect new referral intake process
• Education to affected personnel for the proposed change in process and conference calling action plan
• For…
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