Proposed Topology : Star Topology

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PROPOSED TOPOLOGY: STAR TOPOLOGY Star topology is where all the network device and components are connected to one central device which is referred to as a hub. All the devices have a point to point connection to the device centrally placed indirectly having a connection to each other via the central device. The data must go through the central device before reaching the destination host. The central device acts as a connector and manager of the devices connected in the start topology network.

The star topology is advantageous in the sense that, It has a better performance as compared to the bus topology and the data intended for a particular host, is not flooded to all the work stations in the network. Also it is easier to add new…show more content…
A fire wall betwwen the router and the provider- which is a system that is designed to prevent access from unauthorised personel either from inside the network or from outside the network. The media used will be straight through cables for connecting different devices and cross over cables for connecting like device for example switch to switch. NETWORK SERVICES REQUIRED DHCP- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is used to automatically assign an Internet Protocol (IP) end device with an IP address and the other configurations which are related like, the default gateway and the subnet mask. In every network each and every device must have its unique IP address so as to get access to the networks resources. In the absence of DHCP new computers should be assigned IP addresses manually. The DHCPserver work by having a given pool of addresses which it leases out for a given period of time to a given DHCP client when the client joins the network. When an IP address is no longer ins use it is returned to the pool to be reassigned to another DHCP client that might join the network. DNS- This stands for Domain Name Service /system /server. This service is used to translate IP addresses to domain names. Domain names are easier to remember as compared to IP addresses thus the importance of the service to be in the
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