Proposition: Mining in the Philippines To Be Banned

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Proposition: Resoloved that Mining in the Philippines be Banned. I. Exordium (opening)
“Where you stand on this issue is determined by the question: do you love this country? If you do, you'll fight for it..”
“Mining is a search-and-destroy mission.” II. Salutation:
Member of the Board of Judges, my worthy opponents, ladies and gentlemen, Good afternoon. III. Definition:
According to Meriam-Webster’s Dictionary, mining is the excavation of materials from the Earth's crust, including those of organic origin, such as coal and petroleum. Modern mining is costly and complicated. First, a mineral vein that can likely produce enough of the desired substance to justify the cost of extraction must be located. Then the size of the vein
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Statement of Catholic Bishops of the Philippines, 1998. Mining poses tremendous risks to life and limb, not only to miners but to the community as well. Countless accidents have happened and have affected thousands of miners in our country, directly or indirectly caused by hazardous mining operations. There is a very high social cost of mining and the impact on the society is immeasurable. Occupational health hazards posed by mining to workers are exposure to intense heat, poor ventilation, vibration, dust, fumes, repetitive stress injury (RSI), intense noise, manual handling (e.g. lifting) of heavy machinery and biological and chemical hazards. Due to the nature of underground mining, miners are constantly exposed to intense heat while hydration is very limited. Miners usually have fluid and salt deficiency due to constant sweating, increased stress on the heart, heat stroke, opacity of the lens and reduced fertility due to high heat.
Poor ventilation robs the body of needed oxygen causing the brain to malfunction and leads to many deaths especially in underground operations. Vibration on the other hand can cause permanent damage to bones and vibration syndrome or "dead finger" syndrome can lead to gangrene in the hands and fingers. It can also cause digestive problems due to constant shaking of the internal organs, heart problems and disruption of the

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