Proposition to Reface Mount Rushmore

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Over the years, America has produced many people worthy of having their faces chiseled into a large rock for all to see. Although the current Mount Rushmore possesses faces that are very important and worthy, they are no longer relevant in today’s society. The proposition I have for the re-facing of Mount Rushmore is sure to be relevant and inspiring to Americans for centuries to come. Edgar Allen Poe was an American poet and short story composer whose writings have influenced literature for a century and a half. Calvin Coolidge was a strong leader who was appointed to presidential office in the 1920s. He also had a very awesome last name. Bob Dylan is a nearly prophetic poet and song writer, the voice of a generation, and an inspiration to many. Jennifer (Stelter) Schubert is a tenacious woman who has overcame trials and tribulations daunting to any human and came out on top. I propose that the faces of Edgar Allen Poe, Calvin Coolidge, Bob Dylan, and Jennifer Schubert be carved into Mount Rushmore for their impact on past and present American society, leadership qualities, and overall awesomeness. Edgar Allen Poe is credited with the composition a poem that has been extremely prominent throughout the past century and a half – “The Raven”. But this was not the only work that has stuck with Americans all of these years; Poe was a man of many talents – and troubles. Edgar Allen Poe was born to two actors whom he never really got to know. He was separated from his siblings

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