Proprietary Business Information is Confidential

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Not every report, memo, e-mail or plan is a secret; however, there are some kinds of business information that we cannot share with anyone outside of our company — sometimes not even with other employees outside of a small team. Any information that we must protect is referred to as proprietary business information or confidential information. We continually gather, store, retrieve, and analyze a large volume of information that we use for many purposes. Requests for information arrive from many sources — both within the company and from outside the company — via e-mail, telephone inquiries, surveys, during meetings with customers and vendors. We share some information in the course of conducting business, while other information is closely guarded. This is true whether the information was gathered from customers, vendors and partners, or if it was generated within the company, as plans, designs and reports. Although it is essential to be able have ready access to information and to share it when necessary, we must take steps to ensure that we protect confidential information because: It is good business. It is the right thing to do. It is required by law. Failure to properly secure and protect confidential business information can result in a loss of business or clients: Disclosing confidential business information that provides an economic benefit or competitive advantage may result in a financial loss. Disclosing sensitive business information can result in lost trust,
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