Proprietary Versus Contract Security

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Proprietary versus Contract Security

Timothy W. Hall


18 February 2013

Jeff Horn

As an organization grows so must the security, and it has to be on the top of the list. When considering what type of security to choose, either proprietary or contact, they need to look at the value of the organization? This value within the organization will need some sort of protection to deter theft, vandalism, and destruction. The boardroom conversation could to from, “We have nice stuff” to “How are we going to protect it.” Leadership will need to decide how they will handle the issue of protecting their items that the business owns. In the process we will need to look at the pros and cons of both proprietary and contract security.
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They take full liability for the officer’s action and discipline if needed.
Advantages and disadvantages of Proprietary Security The advantages for hiring in-house security personnel are numerous. The first main point is that we have total control of the policies and the enforcement. We have total control or reporting and rules for the guards. Another advantage is that you can pay them as you build up the organization, so the cost is not one big payment but smaller payments. Hiring Proprietary Security personnel is another good thing. You can be sure of the character of the person that you are bringing into your organization, and you can ask the questions that we need during an interview. Proprietary Security can be compensated well enough so the business can minimize turnover. Turnover can have a down affect if the organizations is not paying security well enough based upon standards. The disadvantages of proprietary security are too varying. The main point is that you have to pay for additional training. There are rules and regulations by law that govern the type of training required based on the securities responsibly. Another key point is you have to schedule their hours to ensure that there is coverage during important times. You have additional benefits and insurance requirements for those that carry a weapon. Most important if the organization downsizes there is a chance that security will be cut
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