Pros And Conquences Of Civil Rights And Liberties

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In America, civil rights and liberties are things that can’t be imposed on legally. If they are there usually are consequences the times they aren’t are when multiple people either don’t care or it is the norm of the time. This really comes into play when talking about women or black people, these two cases are seen like this because one has been owned for years and racial intolerance is at an all-time high. With women, it can be seen as the fact of that women have been known in the past to be the ones cooking and cleaning in the house without having to do a day of hard labor once in their lives. These violations of civil rights and liberties haven’t been put to rest. This can be seen in the actions of others, the sources of those who have experienced it first hand, as well as the recent world knowledge we have today proves to any who see it that these rights and liberties have been violated for long enough and still have not finished in the frank dismissal of the laws and rights of others. The fact that actions speak louder than words is a proven fact, anyone can say they will/can do something but actually doing it is always harder. When it comes to actions almost none can live up to the actions Martin Luther King Jr. made to help the country get past a rough spot in its history. It really shows how one can shine in the light of the people. In Doc B the pictures coloring shows multiple black and white people temporarily joining together to accomplish a goal.
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