Pros And Cons For School Uniforms

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The First Amendment in the United States constitution states that everyone has entitlement to freedom of speech and his or her right to express artistic, religious, and their political viewpoints. The topic of dress code policies in schools regarding uniforms has been up for debate ever since the idea originated from England. In the beginning, the uniforms were designed for upper class and used only in private schools. In the 1800’s the United States adopted the idea of using mandatory dress code in private education, but the idea did not flourish in public schools until 1987. Disruption is used to define the use of students expressing themselves in schools without the lesson being uninterrupted. Clothing is what allows students to express themselves without making a distraction to peers. Therefore, public education benefits when there is no set uniform requirement these reasons being the emphasizing of socioeconomic divisions, promotion of conformity rather than individuality, and the use of uniforms can cause an increase in bullying. Most schools that have uniform policies are within a city that have most neighborhoods in poverty. This emphasizes the social class distinction that the uniforms are supposed to be used to eliminate. School uniforms cannot conceal the differences between children and their financial situations any better than the clothes they would normally wear. “More affluent families buy more uniforms per child. The less affluent... they have one...

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