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Robert Frost has once wrote to the world “Nothing Gold can Stay”. In the novel The Outsiders, most members of the Greasers gang have made bad choices and have made decisions they can’t take back. In the poem “Nothing Gold can Stay”, it shows how as children, we were all born pure and innocent; but over time we change into adults who have changed to fit their personalities. The environment children grow up in have a large impact on how innocent a child can be. Even as bad events and people come through your life, it is possible to “say gold”, this is shown through the eyes of Ponyboy in The Outsiders.

Dally Winston has been through the most compared to the Curtis’s and the other Greasers. Though Dally has been rejected by his family and
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11). Johnny was lost and alone, which was different from Dallas Winston. Dally had found where he wanted to go, downhill, while Jonny couldn’t even start to find a path. Even though he was encouraged by bad friends and habits, he refused to act anything like his mother or father. Johnny also wanted to change to be the best he could be while still on Earth. While they were waiting for Dallas to help them out of the abandoned church, he said, “‘I didn’t mean to,’ he finally blurted out, ‘but they were drowning’ you and I was so scared’”(Hinton, p. 74). Johnny only used his switchblade to protect others, not to fight and rumble like most of the gang. He saved Ponyboy, yet feels so bad for killing Bob; he was an innocent boy trying to find the right way out of the situation, and even risking his life for Pony. Nevertheless, some people disagree with some statements I have made.

Another reader may say that Dally is gold and only acts the way he does to get through hard situations, but he isn’t gold for a number of reasons. One of them is his behavior and how the novel shows how acts around others. In the movie theater, instead of letting himself and others enjoy the show, he chooses to do the opposite. The book says, “He put his feet up on the back of the redhead’s chair, winked at me, and beat his own record for saying something dirty”(Hinton, p. 21). I
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