Pros And Cons Of A Circus

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Circus is a travelling show that is often performed in a tent that includes trained animals, clowns , acrobats and other stunts performers. All of these performers needed to practise hard and as best as they can to make the show run smoothly , safetly and entertaining. As if they make a mistake, it could ruin their performance in any ways.

Clowns must really take part on their work and make sure the audience entertains with their performance. Animals is also must have trained from the professional. Stunts performers is also takes part a lot in performing the circus. They should have pros for the stunt man. Acrobat is someone who skillfully performs gymnastic feats or other actions that involve agility and balance.

On the other hand, circus includes wild animals, and for these wild animals to perform scripted
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Robert Sapolsky, a research associate with the Institute of Primate Research in Kenya said that the acts of these primates in the circus is an unusual for the primates to do and its highly likely it required considerable amounts of punishment and intimidation.

According to PeTA , The tricks that animals are forced to perform—such as when bears balance on balls, apes ride motorcycles, and elephants stand on two legs—are physically uncomfortable and behaviorally unnatural. The whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bullhooks, and other tools used during circus acts are reminders that the animals are being forced to perform.

The modern ways to train their animal is absolutely different with the olden ways. Now, they have to ensure that the animals are not being abused by them. They really take a good care of them and modern ways also treat them like a family too. They try to rescue all the exotic animals that they can, and then pushing in the future that they will be able to rescue a lot of exotic dancers cause they need a home. They are also rescuing to tigers, ligers, lions, bears and basically, anything else with fur, a shell, or

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