Pros And Cons Of A Dystopia

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Prisoners of Utopia Gone. They’re all gone. Nothing left, but a deserted, extinct, and lifeless blanket of ash. It looks as if it were the middle of January and a fresh coat of snow had just fallen. Flakes of ash still float so fluently toward the ground. It’s almost beautiful – almost. As I wander through the blanket of ash my mind goes back to when I was young; the stories the other kids would tell me about the Concentration Camps during World War II, of how the Jews were treated and all the abuse and torment they had to go through. It must have been hell; but this, – this was worse than hell. Ultra-Thermonuclear bombs had been dropped all over. These weren’t just your usual atom bombs. No, – when they hit down, they evaporated the…show more content…
He proclaims that he’s starting over, and that the few people who’s lives he did spare, that they are the start of something “truly amazing.” That this new world is Our Utopia, and we have to hold on to that. But this isn’t a Utopia, it’s not even a Dystopia, this is far worse than I can even begin to explain. What’s even more screwed up is the fact that this piece of trash, Wentworth, is my biological father. I’m only guessing that’s the reason I’m still alive right now. It sickens me that he asked me to join him before all this hell started. I’ll never join him, I’ll never follow him, no because the one mistake he’s made so far is the fact that he hasn’t killed me. Because when I get the chance I will not make that same foolish mistake. I will kill Wentworth. If only it was that easy. But he won’t win. Yes, for now he has, but not for long. My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of my name. I turn to see Ellie a few yards away. I notice the look on her face, sorrowful and scared. We've been through a lot together, but nothing like this. I slowly walk over to her, kicking up the cloak of ash as I go, almost as if it were baking…show more content…
“Maybe you’re right, but now I have no choice, I have to do something and I don’t want to.” “Me either.” She sighs. I look back to her and our eyes meet, “I can’t lose you, I won’t. I promise you, this’ll be over soon, and we’ll go back to just you and I.” “You shouldn’t make promise you can’t keep,” she says resting her hand on my chest. “He won’t go down easy.” “I know, but I won’t give up easy.” I pull her face close to mine kissing her rosey, soft lips. She tastes warm and a little like peaches. I pull away and touch her face softly. “I love you.” I smile. “I love you.” she replies as she sets her head back on my chest. “Alex?” I looked up to see Ben standing next to the ’22 Ford pick-up. “It’s time to go.” he says. I just nod my head and look back down toward Ellie. “Hey, you ready?” “No.” she half smiles. “Me either.” I laugh, kissing her again. Hand in hand we walk over to Ben and the Ford pick-up. “Sure as hell hope you ready for this man, cause this shit ain’t gonna to be easy.” He mumbles. “I'm willing to do whatever it takes.” I say as the three of us enter the truck. We take off, leaving the calm and breathless cloak of ash
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