Pros And Cons Of A Just Government

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A just government is fair, balanced and gives back to the citizens of the nation that give consent to be governed. The founders of the United States intended for all citizens to experience a just government through the Constitution. The Constitution established a balanced state and federal government, taxes that created federal revenue and three branches of government. The Founding Fathers achieved a just government with the balance of the state and federal government. The state government is a more direct representation of the citizens. Though, a strong federal government was needed to control the states as a whole. Many Americans at this time were hesitant to have a strong central government, as they did not want another tyrant King. The founders wanted to avoid tyranny, yet create a nation in which the states could coexist. At this time chaos had ensued the states because each state was sovereign, so the basic laws were not consistent throughout the country. Alexander Hamilton describes the issue of sovereign states as each state believed that they had earned the power to make their own laws after the Revolutionary War. States became jealous of one another and the power needed to be evenly distributed. Then there would be a sense of justice among the states. The Constitution allowed for there to be rights that the states obtained and rights that the federal government obtained. It was just that there was now a level of consistency between the states. The creation of a
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