Pros And Cons Of A Wok

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The quick frying action needed for a tasty, nicely flavored and simple stir-fry can be gotten from using a wok. If you don't know what a wok pan is, a wok is a pan with a hemispherical shape that allows for easy distribution of heat. A wok helps to preserve the taste of food and it essentially needs only very little oil is needed.

Woks are quite beautiful pieces and have a lot of history as they are regarded as a pillar of Chinese kitchens. Apart from the fact that Woks perform exceptionally well for boiling liquids, poaching, braizing tough cuts of meat, smoking food, and deep-frying fried foods, one of its major hallmarks is that it usually has a totally hot cooking surface. This is important for quick frying and inducing flavor of the seasoned
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It comes with a flat base and a 14-inch diameter to help it stay in place on the stove. The lodge P14W3 seasoned Cast Iron Wok has top notch heat retention and can be used on any electric, gas or induction stove.

It comes adequately preseasoned
Wide 14-inch diameter
It has a flat and solid base

Its handle gets quite hot and can take some time to warm up
It's relatively heavy

TECHEF – Onyx Collection 12-Inch Wok
This wok has a heavy base and makes it possible to be used on an induction cooktop. With a 12-inch diameter, the TECHEF - Onyx Wok is a non-stick pan that comes with sloped sides that help to comfortably flip food while cooking. Its lid, although sold separately, is oven safe just like the pan up to as much as 450°F.

It has a heavy gauge aluminum construction
Cool and double-riveted stay handles
It is non-stick Teflon coated

The Teflon non-stick coating might wear off with time
It is heavy

3. T-fal A80789 Specialty Nonstick Jumbo
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With this Wok, the base and handle stay cool no matter how hot the wok gets when in use. It features a reliable non-stick coating that heats up consistently and quickly. Its temperature control and impressive 7-quart capacity make it one of the best electric woks on the market.

Base and handles stay cool all the time
Temperature control is top notch
Sturdy and stable design

Its base is not detachable

Maintaining your wok
It's always advisable to wash your wok with hot water and a sponge after use. Don't worry if the wok is a bit oily after washing as this prevents it from rusting and even helps to season it. Make sure to never use scouring powder to wash your wok. Whenever you notice your wok starts getting sticky, cracked and beat about four eggs in the wok. The fat in the egg is a natural lubricant so make sure to Twirl the beaten eggs and allow it to cover as much of the surface of the wok as possible.

If you've followed this post from the beginning up until this point then you're one of the very few that know essential things about the wok. With this post, we're sure you're equipped enough to get your own wok today and enjoy the best stir-frying experience.
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