Pros And Cons Of Abolish Capital Punishment

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The death penalty is a punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime. The executive, legislative and judicial branches are all for abolishing the death penalty because they feel the U.S has a broken system. First of all, The Judicial branch wants to abolish the death penalty because the Supreme Court feels like the U.S has a broken system. According to the article, Justice Stevens casts a long shadow over Supreme Court by the Washington Post. A judge Justice John Paul Stevens changed his view on the death penalty. “… he voted to reinstate capital punishment in his first year on the court he thought it would become increasingly harder to impose the sentence. Instead, the jurisprudence has worked in exactly the opposite direction, and he thinks that because our system has malfunctions every now and then, the risk is too high that an innocent person might be put to death.” The reason is he felt like the death penalty should be abolished because some innocent people get a federal charge and get on death row to die. The death penalty is a high risk. According to the article Florida’s Supreme Court declares State Death Penalty Law Unconstitutional, "Florida law allows juries in capital cases to recommend a sentence of death, or life in prison without parole but it is the judge who is charged with finding facts, and judges can and do frequently disregard the jury's recommendation. Indeed, since the state death penalty law was

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