Pros And Cons Of Adolescent Narcissism And The Psychological Effects

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Pros and Cons of Adolescent Narcissism and the Effects
Joseph Kotulak
Montclair State University

Author’s Note Joseph Kotulak is completing the requirements for course PSYC 202,
Adolescent Psychology, taught by Professor Kathleen Manz
Adolescent Narcissism and the Psychological Impacts According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, a narcissist is one who is self absorbed and is egocentric beyond everyone else. Narcissism is a concept that has become more prevalent in the news and social media. The most glaring impacts of narcissism are the effects it has on adolescent self-esteem, defensiveness, peer relations, and competency. In this paper, the pros and cons of narcissism will be examined with mostly heavy focus on the cons. These will be examined to show how the effects manifest themselves on adolescence in terms of self-esteem, defensiveness, relationships, and competency. The initial point that will be talked about is the pros of narcissism in terms of adolescent self-esteem. Rose (as cited in Hill & Lapsley, 2011) mentions that narcissism is associated with an improved belief in one’s self worth and abilities depending on whether a narcissist values immense control versus valuing special treatment For example, an adolescent narcissist might think of someone who believes his or hers' views on various aspects of life are always right. This might explain why they have a higher self-esteem, because they live by an underlying belief that their way of life is always the best or most appropriate way. Hill and Lapsley (2011) mention a study of how adolescent psychological adjustment and wellbeing were measured based on control versus special treatment. Hill and Lapley (2011) found that when an adolescent narcissist focused on acquiring power rather than investing in elements to being one of a kind, they had greater self worth and fewer psychological illness such as depression, anxiety, and poor interpersonal ability. This could imply that less of a toll may be taken on their self-esteem to control others as a means to achieve a goal, as opposed to a likely more difficult attempt to convince others they are so special. In order to better understand the effects of self-esteem
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