Pros And Cons Of American Colonization

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Throughout history, there were several Europeans nations that dominated the world. But I will only focus on a few of them. They relied on a very important thing that is colonization. Colonization lead the nations to a better economy, and political prosperity. It brought them wealth and power for these nations, but also started new cultures, and peoples. These nations sent peoples to travel the world, colonizing land, exploring geographic areas, etc. In hope of gaining advantages for their empire.
One of these nations was Spain. In 1492 Columbus landed on Hispaniola thinking he was in Asia. In 1519 Hernan Cortes wanted land and gold so he brought thousands of armed troops which brought diseases, germs, and viruses to the Indians peoples. Eventually weakening, and killing them. Taking over the Aztec empire provided wealth to the Catholic monarch.
France was also involved in colonization. They began searching for a Northwest Passage to Asia, but they couldn’t find a route to Asia so they ended up colorizing in America instead. In 1605 Samuel Champlain arrived in New France he established a trading system with the natives they lived together for a while, and spread their culture and established close relationships. France profited from furs with the Indians, which they sold in Europe. With the help of the natives he
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The greed of becoming powerful and wealthy powerful after the discovery of gold in America. Other nations came to America in search of wealth, and power. The colonist brought their culture with them, and eventually led to new cultures and different civilizations, and that is an important part in Colonization. However there was battles millions of lives were lost over the greed of wealth, and power, the natives were back stabbed even when they helped the colonists. Colonization brought many groups of people together, and united them as a
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