Pros And Cons Of American Democracy

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America is synonymous with the word freedom, even being dubbed “the land of the free” by its own national anthem. But, what makes America so much more “free” than other countries? Some would argue that it’s America’s system of democracy, despite the fact that democratic governments are now the most common form of rule found in countries around the world. American democracy, although effective, is not the best democracy style for all nations; because, like many other countries, its government contains many flaws, including: its low voter turnout, two-party political parties creating division and deadlock in congress, and government positions of power being bankrolled and controlled by the rich. As stated previously, there is quite a low number of U.S. voters showing up to the polls, which damages the efficiency of the American democracy. United States was ranked 31st out 35 countries for number of voter turnout this last August. The last several decades of data shows only 53 percent of eligible voters showing up for U.S. presidential elections, compared to Belgium’s 87 percent or Turkey’s 84 percent voter turnout. The problem with small voter turnout is summed up by this quote “our legislature is a reflection of our voters, but our voters are not a reflection of our citizens.” As stated by the above quote, the people who are in office are being chosen by voters, but the people who are voting aren’t an accurate representation of the American population. Most
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