Pros And Cons Of America's Involvement In Syria

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america’s involvement in syria raises complex ethical arguments. what are the challenges surrounding the moral, ethical, societal and sovereign decisions of this involvement? Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has been in charge since 2000, following on from his late father who ruled for 30 years. Commencing in March of 2011, an anti-regime uprising has since escalated into Civil War where it has been estimated that more than 400,000 have been killed (CNN, 2017). Just this death toll alone proves the danger and inhumane conditions the people of Syria have been living in for over six years. Controlling large areas of Northern and Eastern Syria, Islamic State (IS) have been left battling government forces, rebel brigades and air strikes from …show more content…

Until this event, American president Donald Trump had been following in Obama’s footsteps by ramping up his bombing campaign against IS. After the chemical attack however, Trump publically said “My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much” and just days later, he launched his strategic attack (Myre, 2017). Sovereign decisions have majorly impacted the actions that have taken place throughout Syria’s civil war, especially recently with Trump contributing to the destruction just a couple of months back. US leaders have taken years contemplating how to respond to conflicts which have killed hundreds of thousands of people (Conway, 2017). Finally, they bombed the two main culprits in the Syrian war, President Assad’s military and IS (Myre, 2017). As the leader of his own country, many are questioning Trump’s involvement with another countries problems, especially considering the consequences that followed. It’s easy for him to command his army to send missiles into another country in order to ‘help’ them however, he doesn’t have to deal with the aftermath. Yes, Syria are in complete shambles, but they should be allowed to fight their own war without outside forces making it worse for them. It’s particularly important to consider the actions which will be

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